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Where do I begin? The history of the ideologies and mindsets of generations past, in fact for thousands of years, have drastically changed in only the last 200 years, and particularly the last 40-50 years, the way in which people view life and its origins are forever changed due to new found knowledge of the natural world. Yet, what effect does this have on the social upbringing of young minds today?!?
We like to believe we are free people, free minds, with the principle right to decide to do whatever we may so desire. However, in my, what many would say limited experience of life, have managed to experience one side of the world, one side of life that people know nothing about, the side of religion.
Brought up in a very strict household, where the way you think is affected by how we view God. You lose sense of who you are. After 18 years of such a life, of doing my best to try and believe something I saw faults in… after years and years and preaching such a delightful message to many many people, using my own resources, energy, time and downright stubborness to proclaim a message that I didn’t even completely believe, has left a sour taste in my mouth. So, so many years trying to be the ‘perfect’ child, the ‘perfect’ son, grandson, role-model… trying to not just accept incredibly unfair expectations, but meeting them with comparitive ease, and yet no recognition is given. All because of why?!?! Because I still have faults. We all still have the ability for badness. Yet, just because we have the ability to kill, does that then mean that we WILL kill?!
People say life is complicated, that it true to an extent. But we can all fit into a category of certain people, a generalization some may say, yet we all have characteristics that can be grouped, numbered and then collected in order to give us this supposed ‘norm’. Some people are brought up with the believe that we are down the chain from monkeys. Fair enough, that is how you were brought up, and I sincerely hope you have researched that and then made an informed decision based on that as for a viewpoint for the rest of your life, and not just accepted what you have been brought up on. Because that bond we have, when we not just accept but follow our parents, or maybe even entire family’s course of thinking, and way of life, draws you closer to them.
In my own, once again, limited experience in this aspect, as soon as we decide to break free of those psychological bonds, the mentality of our predecessors, how our world changes!! Of course, my early life was very much dedicated around a completely contrasting ideology to the rest of the world, and similarily, was my family. To not belong to either ends of our modern ‘concepts’ of life, creates quite the drag on one’s mind, especially a comtemplative mind. And to be shunned by your family, and the term family is used in very ‘rough’ context here. To be seen as an idiot, a fool, somebody who has fallen into a trap of this, our modern world, just because I, me, my own being does not completely agree with THEIR specific, hardened, and yet in many, many terms, blind perspective of OUR world, I must be seen as visually impaired myself?! After years and years of doing things I hated, all for the love in which i desired to show my parents, strived to be THEIR perfect son, always doing my best, and yet, they still weren’t happy enough with that. Highest in my year at school, every single year!!! “That is not beneficial, that is not what you should be using your time doing, it is more useful to be studying the bible… preaching”.
So I bite my tongue, for the unknown countless time, it’s starting to feel a bit numb after so many years, yet it is what I do to not become one of them. I know that sounds like a generalization, and as much as I strive to be diplomatic, it is yet impossible to reason with such dogmatic people in such a way. And to see the look of hurt in your parent’s, grandparent’s, brother’s and sister’s eyes, just because you CANNOT accept, agree or downright believe what they do, I find disgusting, and sorrowfully against the moral rights of life. They suggest I am a different person. Yet, they never once asked for my opinion on anything. Why? Because my opinion should be God’s opinion, and henceforth, THEIR opinion also. This moral grounding, is what makes not just me, but many people view such religious organizations with contempt. I understand the reasons why they do it, which although it justifies in a few ways, why they decide to act in such a way, it also highlights their naivity, and inability to accept anything apart from what they are willing enough to make sense. By drawing on extremist examples, and playing on people’s guilt, they destroy any resounding cries for individuality and the rights to individual opinion, thinking, reasoning and learning.
Somehow though, and I say this optimistically, they not just expect, but believe so profoundly that they deserve this yielding obedience to the enth degree. To not just the point where you no longer know who you are, but in fact, you look at the mirror and see all your parents want to see. And the sudden realisation that you have spent your entire life living an idea that your parents accepted, because THEIR parents accepted… and the guilt of not agreeing is unbearable to the point where you crash. It does not matter how strong you may think you are, or how humble and intelligent or mentally strong you may try to make yourself out to be, the feeling of complete distraughtness drowns you in its own misery and aching and tears.
So what effect does this one single ideology have on just one mind?! Or maybe it would be best to ask, what effect does just one hole in a boat have to the boat? Such an answer, needn’t need contemplating.


Inspired by an unusual, yet very intriguing movie on a corrupt Puerto-Rican newspaper, I can’t help but wonder about all the other media devices that are all centred around a coupla bucks in the back pocket. I am not naively stating that it is a shockingly new thing which we have just realised, yet, when you think about the very reasonable possibility that EVERY single thing you read, whether it be on the net, tv, newspaper, you name it… is all based on somebody wanting a coupla more bucks, or maybe a promotion, even some recognition?! An inner ambition or desire that spurs people on to portray things falsely. And all for their own satisfaction and acknowledgment. This leads us to the very disturbing, and therefore, quite the philosophical question, “What is our world centred around?”


As the above picture suggests, is OUR world centred around just ME!? Or do we take notice of other people’s little WORLDS?! We wonder what we would look like in somebody else’s shoes, yet have we ever even tried to honestly even look at ourselves judgmentally without making excuses?! Although it is so so easy to justify everything and anything, should we realistically allow OUR own little WORLD to be revolving around us?! Is that the morally right thing to do? OR should we maybe allow greed to have some time off?! We are all searching for a better world. Yet, all that we really need are better people in OUR WORLD. Some argue that we are all a product of our environment, yet, are we not human beings? Do we not have the ability to change? To ‘adapt’ to our surroundings? Our current habitat may or may not incline us to believe certain things, but in the end, we all have the choice and ability of being who or what we see as most beneficial for our conscience. But what makes us drawn towards this self-obsession?


Nature and life in itself is extremely selfish is it not?!?! From any perspective, most of us put our own interests above anybody else’s. Some people call it survival of the fittest. I call it, most people not giving a damn about anyone else. Simply, selfishness. Yet, it isn’t a selfishness that can be detained through reaching a particular goal, it is simply the idea and firm belief that you deserve more than anyone else, is it not?! So how are we supposed to really act properly, when our entire life and its essence is about selfishness? This greed. Due to how this instinctual desire cannot be hampered by one’s reaching their desires, it appears that it is in fact greed that sets us apart. As human beings, we are the ‘Gods’ of this(OUR) world, and yet most of us deny the existence of such a deity. This supreme being. How can we rationally consult on such an idea when we view ourselves as the primary aspect of that picture. Unfortunately for those who try to make the best out of what they can, those who strive to fight and ignore complacency, there are so so many who not just allow that to override their way of thinking, but in fact, allow it to mould their life and view of the world and themselves as the most important piece in that much larger puzzle.earth_puzzle

Do we view our small piece of the puzzle as the entire world? Or maybe, do we try to do what we can for other people? Trying to make what we KNOW is a BIGGER WORLD out there, something better, a nicer place to live? I try to make sure that I do all I can for others, that is my goal, although simple in form, I appreciate its volatility in nature , and appreciate and treasure the effect I desire it has on OUR world.
Greed may make our lives appear a little easier, because well, afterall, we only need to care about ourself. But what if, just what if you could help someone in a way you never thought possible, or maybe say a few simple kind words, that may forever change how someone views life. The power we have as human beings is incredible, let’s just hope that we don’t waste it.

Who hasn’t been online and seen a long, loving message from 2 supposed lovebirds, publicizing how much they are in love, and how they are gonna get married and live happily ever after! When not less than 2 weeks later, they have broken up, and those ‘loving’ messages have turned to taunts of revenge, and in most cases, rants of abuses about how they were horrible and never liked them to begin with!!
Well, should I stop there?!?! The idea itself of love in our very society is one of temporary enjoyment, to relax into this form of sin they call a relationship, which we all know is just a fancy term for ‘brief sex buddy’! I prefer the term, ’emphemeral hormone stimulant’, but I guess people can put it however they like to make it appear better!
tedy love

So what then, ‘should’ we determine love to be?! Is it just a feeling that arouses in us the desire to make out, to have a ‘fling’, to muck around?! I don’t see any of those as even getting close to my idea of love! Those are just hormones having a bit of fun! Love is not pubescent hormones and naive ideas and selfishness coming into a rigmarole of bitchiness and about how guys are just ‘players’, and about how girls are just confusing attention seekers. Needless to say, we have all felt a particular way about more than just one person, especially as we go through our teens, guys and girls feel the need to experiment, whether that be for psychologically issues and other mental pressures, they feel it adequate enough reason to ‘get around’. And the clear cut repercussions of that is endlessly seen on any television station and magazine you dare to lay your eyes on. But what am I really getting to? Is love just this feeling of intense arousal? Uncontrollable lust? Or is it maybe something a bit more wholesome? There’s a word for everyone to look up, ‘wholesome’.

beautiful romantic couple love sad alone wallpapers (7)

I don’t believe that love should be about just sex! I personally find that a massive turn off when I meet someone who has ‘slept around’. I do instantly dislike them!!! For love is beyond a physical attraction. It is something that can’t be properly described. That is the true beauty of it. It’s nature is always forgiving, unselfish, not haughty, not self-assuming, kind, caring, it is patient, does not get puffed up with pride, is not arrogant or envious. Our English term for love doesn’t really describe this too well, after all, we can say we love chocolate, and although some of us may really love it, can we really use that same term for a person too?!
The Greeks have 4 different words for love. Philia and Storge, both of which refer to relationships between family members. Then they have Éros, this is primarily used to describe sensual passion and longing, juxtaposed to the word I would use to define ‘proper’ love… which is Agápe. In Ancient Greek, it often refers to a general affection or deeper sense of “true love” rather than the attraction suggested by Éros. An unconditional love.
This though leads us to the obivous question, ‘How do we really know what that is?’ Well hate to break it to ya, but well, you just have to take a leap of faith. You may fall and break a few important internal organs, but if you really feel you have to go after someone, the only way we as humans can react, is to jump. To take that leap of faith, and bloody well hope that somebody is there to catch us before we faceplant.

So the answer is left to you. Will you decide to ‘love’ others with your own selfish intentions? Or will you maybe, just maybe decide to take a small risk, a little jab at something that affects you more deeply than anything else? You might even be lucky enough to find this Agápe Love!
I know my answer…

So is life actually worth all of it? You know, the work, the pain, the suffering… just so that once in a while an actual smile might appear on the horizon. Is it really all worth it? This question that has been pondered by some of the most brilliant philosophical minds in human history, and yet, what is there answer? Is there an answer? I guess that is for us to decide. But can we decide? Are we really good enough to be able to answer these questions which theoritically are impossible to answer? The beauty of these questions is that there is no answer. We can all express what we think to it in any way we so desire. There are no limits. No bounds where the answer is WRONG! If we decide to make life, although what might appear as extremely unfulfilling and ultimately pointless when compared to eternity in view, if we choose that what we have now is worth the work and effort, are we not choosing what makes mankind progress?!


If life were to be some form of game, you may liken it to pinball, maybe solitaire, possibly even minesweeper! How do we play those games when we go on the computer? Do we go on their halfheartedly to play them? NO! We go on there with joy, with a pleasantness and eagerness to play these what may seem like pointless games. Why? Because it brings us joy. Of course we have to press all the right buttons, and the more you play the game the better you get, but you do get some kind of contentment even if you dont do so amazingly well in that game. So life really is a game then isnt it?! It may seem pointless at times, but we decide to run that race, to play that game for our own enjoyment.

So although many say there is no correct answer to this question, there is one continual conclusion that we all do come to on this subject. It is left for each and everyone of us to decide. Every single individual has the power and merit to choose for themselves about every single matter. If that is not a gift, I do not know what is! And although we may awake everyday feeling sore, with our aches, pains and stresses, and however much we wish that we could have more, maybe we just need to realise what we have!! Maybe a bit of contentment is in order for this society that is profoundly based on greed and continual selfishness. If there is any worth to life, let each and everyone one of us put a price on it. That is the meaning we can give to this world. But valuing its gift to us.