Who hasn’t been online and seen a long, loving message from 2 supposed lovebirds, publicizing how much they are in love, and how they are gonna get married and live happily ever after! When not less than 2 weeks later, they have broken up, and those ‘loving’ messages have turned to taunts of revenge, and in most cases, rants of abuses about how they were horrible and never liked them to begin with!!
Well, should I stop there?!?! The idea itself of love in our very society is one of temporary enjoyment, to relax into this form of sin they call a relationship, which we all know is just a fancy term for ‘brief sex buddy’! I prefer the term, ’emphemeral hormone stimulant’, but I guess people can put it however they like to make it appear better!
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So what then, ‘should’ we determine love to be?! Is it just a feeling that arouses in us the desire to make out, to have a ‘fling’, to muck around?! I don’t see any of those as even getting close to my idea of love! Those are just hormones having a bit of fun! Love is not pubescent hormones and naive ideas and selfishness coming into a rigmarole of bitchiness and about how guys are just ‘players’, and about how girls are just confusing attention seekers. Needless to say, we have all felt a particular way about more than just one person, especially as we go through our teens, guys and girls feel the need to experiment, whether that be for psychologically issues and other mental pressures, they feel it adequate enough reason to ‘get around’. And the clear cut repercussions of that is endlessly seen on any television station and magazine you dare to lay your eyes on. But what am I really getting to? Is love just this feeling of intense arousal? Uncontrollable lust? Or is it maybe something a bit more wholesome? There’s a word for everyone to look up, ‘wholesome’.

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I don’t believe that love should be about just sex! I personally find that a massive turn off when I meet someone who has ‘slept around’. I do instantly dislike them!!! For love is beyond a physical attraction. It is something that can’t be properly described. That is the true beauty of it. It’s nature is always forgiving, unselfish, not haughty, not self-assuming, kind, caring, it is patient, does not get puffed up with pride, is not arrogant or envious. Our English term for love doesn’t really describe this too well, after all, we can say we love chocolate, and although some of us may really love it, can we really use that same term for a person too?!
The Greeks have 4 different words for love. Philia and Storge, both of which refer to relationships between family members. Then they have Éros, this is primarily used to describe sensual passion and longing, juxtaposed to the word I would use to define ‘proper’ love… which is Agápe. In Ancient Greek, it often refers to a general affection or deeper sense of “true love” rather than the attraction suggested by Éros. An unconditional love.
This though leads us to the obivous question, ‘How do we really know what that is?’ Well hate to break it to ya, but well, you just have to take a leap of faith. You may fall and break a few important internal organs, but if you really feel you have to go after someone, the only way we as humans can react, is to jump. To take that leap of faith, and bloody well hope that somebody is there to catch us before we faceplant.

So the answer is left to you. Will you decide to ‘love’ others with your own selfish intentions? Or will you maybe, just maybe decide to take a small risk, a little jab at something that affects you more deeply than anything else? You might even be lucky enough to find this Agápe Love!
I know my answer…