Inspired by an unusual, yet very intriguing movie on a corrupt Puerto-Rican newspaper, I can’t help but wonder about all the other media devices that are all centred around a coupla bucks in the back pocket. I am not naively stating that it is a shockingly new thing which we have just realised, yet, when you think about the very reasonable possibility that EVERY single thing you read, whether it be on the net, tv, newspaper, you name it… is all based on somebody wanting a coupla more bucks, or maybe a promotion, even some recognition?! An inner ambition or desire that spurs people on to portray things falsely. And all for their own satisfaction and acknowledgment. This leads us to the very disturbing, and therefore, quite the philosophical question, “What is our world centred around?”


As the above picture suggests, is OUR world centred around just ME!? Or do we take notice of other people’s little WORLDS?! We wonder what we would look like in somebody else’s shoes, yet have we ever even tried to honestly even look at ourselves judgmentally without making excuses?! Although it is so so easy to justify everything and anything, should we realistically allow OUR own little WORLD to be revolving around us?! Is that the morally right thing to do? OR should we maybe allow greed to have some time off?! We are all searching for a better world. Yet, all that we really need are better people in OUR WORLD. Some argue that we are all a product of our environment, yet, are we not human beings? Do we not have the ability to change? To ‘adapt’ to our surroundings? Our current habitat may or may not incline us to believe certain things, but in the end, we all have the choice and ability of being who or what we see as most beneficial for our conscience. But what makes us drawn towards this self-obsession?


Nature and life in itself is extremely selfish is it not?!?! From any perspective, most of us put our own interests above anybody else’s. Some people call it survival of the fittest. I call it, most people not giving a damn about anyone else. Simply, selfishness. Yet, it isn’t a selfishness that can be detained through reaching a particular goal, it is simply the idea and firm belief that you deserve more than anyone else, is it not?! So how are we supposed to really act properly, when our entire life and its essence is about selfishness? This greed. Due to how this instinctual desire cannot be hampered by one’s reaching their desires, it appears that it is in fact greed that sets us apart. As human beings, we are the ‘Gods’ of this(OUR) world, and yet most of us deny the existence of such a deity. This supreme being. How can we rationally consult on such an idea when we view ourselves as the primary aspect of that picture. Unfortunately for those who try to make the best out of what they can, those who strive to fight and ignore complacency, there are so so many who not just allow that to override their way of thinking, but in fact, allow it to mould their life and view of the world and themselves as the most important piece in that much larger puzzle.earth_puzzle

Do we view our small piece of the puzzle as the entire world? Or maybe, do we try to do what we can for other people? Trying to make what we KNOW is a BIGGER WORLD out there, something better, a nicer place to live? I try to make sure that I do all I can for others, that is my goal, although simple in form, I appreciate its volatility in nature , and appreciate and treasure the effect I desire it has on OUR world.
Greed may make our lives appear a little easier, because well, afterall, we only need to care about ourself. But what if, just what if you could help someone in a way you never thought possible, or maybe say a few simple kind words, that may forever change how someone views life. The power we have as human beings is incredible, let’s just hope that we don’t waste it.