So is life actually worth all of it? You know, the work, the pain, the suffering… just so that once in a while an actual smile might appear on the horizon. Is it really all worth it? This question that has been pondered by some of the most brilliant philosophical minds in human history, and yet, what is there answer? Is there an answer? I guess that is for us to decide. But can we decide? Are we really good enough to be able to answer these questions which theoritically are impossible to answer? The beauty of these questions is that there is no answer. We can all express what we think to it in any way we so desire. There are no limits. No bounds where the answer is WRONG! If we decide to make life, although what might appear as extremely unfulfilling and ultimately pointless when compared to eternity in view, if we choose that what we have now is worth the work and effort, are we not choosing what makes mankind progress?!


If life were to be some form of game, you may liken it to pinball, maybe solitaire, possibly even minesweeper! How do we play those games when we go on the computer? Do we go on their halfheartedly to play them? NO! We go on there with joy, with a pleasantness and eagerness to play these what may seem like pointless games. Why? Because it brings us joy. Of course we have to press all the right buttons, and the more you play the game the better you get, but you do get some kind of contentment even if you dont do so amazingly well in that game. So life really is a game then isnt it?! It may seem pointless at times, but we decide to run that race, to play that game for our own enjoyment.

So although many say there is no correct answer to this question, there is one continual conclusion that we all do come to on this subject. It is left for each and everyone of us to decide. Every single individual has the power and merit to choose for themselves about every single matter. If that is not a gift, I do not know what is! And although we may awake everyday feeling sore, with our aches, pains and stresses, and however much we wish that we could have more, maybe we just need to realise what we have!! Maybe a bit of contentment is in order for this society that is profoundly based on greed and continual selfishness. If there is any worth to life, let each and everyone one of us put a price on it. That is the meaning we can give to this world. But valuing its gift to us.